The Uncommon Leader – Book Review

By: Mike Murdock (2006)

ISBN 1-56394-154-6

Book Price: $15

Leadership Wisdom

Dr. Mike Murdock is in tremendous demand as one of the most dynamic speakers in America today. More than 14,000 audiences in 38 countries have attended his crusades and seminars. He is a noted author of over 120 books and is viewed weekly by thousands on his television program, “Wisdom Keys with Mike Murdock.”

Unlocking our greatness

Mike Murdock gives 31 keys for unlocking our greatness as leaders. He covers such points as, the daily habit of self-talk (Ch. 3), never making important decisions alone (Ch. 5), mastering the art of exit (Ch. 18), identifying what we possess that others need (Ch. 21), sowing favor (Ch. 27), staying clear of fools (Ch. 30), and much more!

Leaders actively embrace change to fulfil their purpose

Mike Murdock does not hesitate to address key issues with a bold and precise message. Clear-cut and pointed statements leave no place for misunderstanding. Mike points to Godly wisdom as our source for development and success, stating, “The person of Jesus prepares you for eternity. The principles of Jesus prepare you for Earth.”

Mr. Murdock’s words inspire personal action. He addresses daily routines, communicating, “Significant leaders build their daily agenda around their Assignment. Their schedule and their plan is totally focused on the completion of their Assignment.” He provokes readers to become proactive towards their purpose (assignment).

Readers may be shocked by Murdock’s direct speech. His goal is to inject motivation for our destiny. He engages readers’ abruptly by declaring, “There is no Plan B for your life. There is only one plan… one Master Plan of the Creator who made you. Consider nothing else as an option.” He is evidently passionate about people’s potential.

Mike addresses pertinent leadership keys to provoke readers. He points out that a true leader is self-motivated, as, “If you are really going to produce significantly… you must learn the secret of motivating yourself… encouraging yourself… You can stay motivated… Stop holding self-pity parties. Nobody attends them anyway.”

Agitation gives motivation! Murdock quips, “Thousands will fail… because they are unwilling to make changes.”

Become an uncommon leader

Mike Murdock presents a powerful tool for equipping his readers to become uncommon leaders.