The Midnight Club by James Patterson Book Review

James Patterson’s Midnight Club is a story of a New York detective is shot down in an ambush and struggles to rebuild himself in order to seek revenge against one of the most ruthless killers he has come up against. This is my book review of The Midnight Club by James Patterson

Plot: John Stefanovich is poised to bring down one Alexandre St-Germain, the most ruthless killer he has ever known and head of the elusive Midnight Club. As the sting is about to go down, everything goes wrong and Stefanovich loses everything. He is shot and left for dead.

Stef makes it back, wheelchair-bound and determined, and continues his hunt for St-Germain. Before he can capture him, he is shot and killed by a mysterious group of killers.

Now Stef must find those killers, close down The Midnight Club and make sure all those responsible are brought to justice.

John Stefanovich joins forces with an unlikely accomplish, a newspaper reporter turned novelist, who is researching a book on the infamous Alexandre St-Germain. As the story progresses, Stef must team up with other unlikely allies and put himself and others in mortal danger.

Review: I loved the style of this book, the plot was fast moving, the story jumps a bit from one character’s escapades to another’s and soon they are intertwined. The plot twists and surprises are superb and you never know what will happen next.

Probably one of the best books about one man’s fight for justice against a powerful “mafia style goon” that I have read in a while. Very hard to put down – actually read it in 2 sittings, because I just had to know what was going to happen next.