Clear Blogging – Book Review

I just finished reading “Clear Blogging: How people blogging are changing the world and how you can join them” by Bob Walsh. As an owner of several highly successful blogs, I always like to read what other are saying about blogging and the future. After reading this book, I must say that I was a bit disappointed. The book has some bright spots, but overall it is average in a very crowded space.

The book covers all the basic of blogging, from getting started, hot to become successful and then he dives into the future of blogging. A couple of things that I did enjoy about the book were that is well written and fun to read. The author has a great conversational writing style that flows very nicely. My problem is that the content could have been stronger. My favorite part of the book was the Interview portion where he has a question and answer session with some of the biggest names in the blogging arena. I am surprised that I wasn’t asked to participate. I also enjoyed the author’s commentary, although at times I disagreed with some of it.

My major criticism of the book was that it was way too long and could have been cut in half. There is a lot of filler and too many screen shots that do not add much to the book.

In closing, I am neutral on this book. It was well written and there is some good information but in my opinion there are better books to purchase on this topic.