Book Review: The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines

· The book is reader friendly.

The format is simple and easy to read. This hard cover book consists of 15 chapters totaling 182 pages. You don't need a dictionary to look up words because the authors don't talk over your head. Instead, the language is clear and straightforward. Even the setup of the chapters is interesting.

Throughout the book, Chip and Joanna alternate telling their story. While Joanna's part is in darker type, Chip's part is in a lighter type. At the same time, view pictures of the couple on their wedding day, Chip in his glory days, Joanna as a little girl, the dogs that landed Chip in jail, and more.

· It holds your attention.

Moreover, the book is a page turner. Once you begin reading you don't want to put it down. Like the show, the book is entertaining. You keep wondering what's next.

· Discover the story behind the glory.

Chip and Joanna give you the whole scoop. They leave nothing out. You learn about their backgrounds, their families, how they started dating, how they started flipping homes, and how they landed a television show. You unearth how Chip started buying and renting homes to college students while he was still a student. You find out that Joanna, who is a journalism major interned in New York under Dan Rather; Joanna thought she was headed to the big apple after graduation. Likewise, Chip was being groomed to be a professional baseball player. At length, you'll ascertain the significance of magnolias.

· See what happens when you follow your heart.

The thing that touched me most was reading in black and white how everything boiled down to them following their hearts, which meant following God. Joanna worked in her father's automotive shop. She mentioned that she always kept notepads where she doodled and sketched ideas. Although Chip trained diligently to be a professional baseball player, he knew his heart was in business. He had an entrepreneurial spirit.

· Appreciate the respect that Chip and Joanna have for each other.

Better yet, appreciate the love and respect that Chip and Joanna have for each other. It's real and it's special. Why? We live in a day when people avoid marriage and disrespect the sanctity of it. Here, you see the power of their union and how they have built a solid family and business because of it.

· Uncover the importance of keeping first things first.

Before the hit show Fixer Upper came along, Joanna had other successes. Nevertheless, if she felt they interfered with being the mom she really wanted to be or reduced her time with the children, she dropped them like a hot potato. Walking away is easy when something is not working out, but Joanna walked away from enterprises that were flourishing. Like me, you will begin to see what seems to be a pattern. If she followed God's lead, He honored her obedience by blessing whatever she set her hand to do.

· Get inspired to live your dream.

All in all, this book will inspire you to live your dream. As I always say, you only live this life once. The Magnolia Story nudges you to go for it.