How to Download Useful Ebooks For Free?

If you love reading books and have since gotten into the whole e-book craze, then chances are you may be wondering just how to download an e-book for free. Let’s face it, nothing is better then free. While some of the books may not be worth it, still there are many out there that are more then worth the time and effort needed to get them. You see, while there are many sites out there who are devoted to making money online by selling you this reading material, there are still many others which have a large collection of titles to choose from which are absolutely free.

You will be able to find books all types of topics such as self-help, do-it-yourself and a whole lot more. Why should you ever have to pay to read a book when you can get something very similar absolutely free. It just makes more sense to save yourself the money so that you can spend more time reading rather then working the extra hours to cover the cost of the new book.

Never wonder how to download an e-book for free ever again. There are many great websites which are devoted purely to offering you these for free. Matter of fact, there are more websites offering them for free, then there are those which want you to pay for them. Granted when you get an e-book reader, the chances that you will be able to download directly using the device, but you can still download it to your computer and then transfer it.

Artificial Intelligence Everywhere – A Book Review

Do you ever wonder how our modern day computers came into existence? If you do, then perhaps, you'd like to read some incredible history, and consider all the philosophical debate on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and some of the future perceived uses of this technology. If so, then I'd sure like to recommend an extremely interesting book to you. One that was well ahead of its time, and one that today would still make you think.

Yes, if you are asking, this is a book that's in my personal library. And it is a good book that I'd recommend to you, if this topic interests you. The name of the book is;

"Soft Architecture Machine" by Nicholas Negroponte, MIT Press, MA, 1976, (140 pp), ISBM: 978-02621-4018-8

So, imagine a self creating artificially intelligent CAD CAM software program, which could design buildings, all by itself without a human operator, and these would be buildings that would be more pleasing to humans, than even the buildings that humans build themselves. Now consider artificial intelligence inside your home which constantly manipulates your home for your needs. Sort of like the Bill Gates high-tech home of the future on steroids.

Climate control just happens, it would sense if you were warm or cold or what was needed. Walls would move in, open up as needed, light would be redirected, entire kitchens would fold away, and even the pictures on the wall would change depending on who was walking down the hallway. All that stuff now doesn't seem so exotic, most of it exists, and the rest seems like a very possible future. However this book was written in 1976.

And the folks at MIT were busy figuring out how to design all that back then. Well it's here now, or most of it and the rest will be coming soon. Indeed I hope you will please consider this, and purchase this book if it interests you. Think on it.

When the Dragon Roars Book Review

Brimming with twists, turns, and non-stop drama, When The Dragon Roars by Nesly Clerge is a thriller ideal for any fan of prison-noir.

When The Dragon Roars opens with the protagonist, Frederick Stark, a.k.a The Dragon, at the nadir of his life. Having been betrayed by his ex-wife Kayla, a life one fraught with opportunities is now exceedingly limited. He is in jail, serving an extended sentence for placing the man who cuckholded him in a coma. But Starks is not one to let life get him down that easily-using the acumen that he had acquired as a CEO, he boldly, yet subtly, begins an attempt at ascension of the prison hierarchy. But things start to look hairy when the prison COs suspect him of the two inside job murderers-which he did have a heavy hand in executing.

On the outside, he looks to his private investigator Michael Parker to manage his financials, and that need for a link to the real world becomes even greater as suspicions rise about his deadly activities behind bars. A medical scare only increases his desire to rise to the top and get his affairs in order. But it also seems to make him bolder, as he is able to stab some nastier prison gang members with a poisoned shank, as an act of retaliation for killing a follower prisoner.

With the help of his cellmate Jackson, Starks starts to recruit gang members of his own: Pete, Tommy, Stinky, and Tank. But the gang hostility escalates quickly, and after a brawl, Starks is sent to the SHU, where he has time to contemplate: how got himself in prison in the first place, the women in his life, plans for the future. Also while in the SHU, Stark realizes that his situation is getting more precarious as he is losing protection from the guards. To get more of an advantage, he and his crew turn to the prison black market, and start trading cell phones.

A few days later, Starks meets the elder Gabe Bianchi, who similarly has lost wealth, family, and career reputation. He feels drawn to the Bianchi, but Bianchi is bad news-the former boss of an infamous crime family with a reputation for ruthlessness. He’s a dangerous friend to make, but one who could also prove to be useful.

Meanwhile, Starks nineteen-year-old new inmate Kane under his wing and asks him to be his new cellmate. But Kane may not be entirely who he seems.

All this time, Starks’s health has only been deteriorating. He goes to the hospital and discovers that he has a dangerously low hemoglobin level and is severely anemic. In the process of finding a donor, discovers that his eldest son, Blake, isn’t his biological child. It’s seems like the blows just keep coming from his ex-wife Kayla.

From there, gang fights and family secrets emerge from every corner, keeping Starks on his toes, and the reader turning the pages.

While at times a bit hackneyed and predictable, When The Dragon Roars will prove an enjoyable read for devoted fans of the genre.

Book Review: North Korea: State of Paranoia by Paul French

Paul French has attempted to write about one of the world's most secretive societies and one that has remained largely unknown to the general public apart from hearing of the fears frequently expressed in the media about the threat posed by its nuclear weapons. The task might seem almost impossible, but the author has gleaned data from a number of North Korea-watching research centers and the testimony of numerous defectors, including some formerly of high rank in the long-established regime of the three Kims: the founder, Kim Il-sung, his son, Kim Jong-il, and grandson, Kim Jong-un. The result is a fairly comprehensive, though rather dated, survey of the political and economic status of a failed state trapped by its ideology and the need to preserve the infallibility of its ruling dynasty.

The most enlightening part of this book is its analysis of Juche, a uniquely Korean blend of Marxist-Leninist ideology, with elements of the Thoughts of Chairman Mao, Confucianism, traditional Korean attributes, and attitudes derived from the liberation struggle against the Japanese. In practice, it serves to preserve the rule of the Kims and gives priority to the needs of the military. Juche has deeply permeated North Korean society and is the major factor preventing any serious political challenge to the status quo. The government has gone to great lengths to prevent knowledge of the prosperity of South Korea becoming available north of the 38th parallel, and has persuaded generation after generation of its citizens that their continuing poverty is in no way the fault of the rulers or their policies.

Although the book first appeared in 2014, and was republished with revision in 2015, it gives the impression of being a decade older. Dates on references to internal affairs in North Korea do not appear later than 2003, although some US military deployments are mentioned up to 2013. This might be due to the inevitable delay in any facts emerging from within a closed society but some confirmation of this situation might have been helpful to the reader in defining the historical context.

According to the blurb on the back of the book, one reviewer found that 'Paul French writes with wit, eloquence and rare clarity.' This is a generous view of the author's performance. The writing is in the style of official reporting and humor is not a feature but text filled with acronyms (about 120 are listed) and many foreign names will always struggle for fluency. The editing is incomplete, with remnants of the author's draft revisions surviving in the published text. There seems to have been little reason to rush the book to print in view of the inevitable obsolescence of its content.

Newbies Tips, Definitions, Download Pages, and E-books


COMPUTER: That thing that’s really clever but doesn’t understand anything you tell it to do! It looks like a TV, but if you spend enough time in front of it, you will make money from it.

ISP: Internet Service Provider

SERVER: A computer that stores web page files and makes them available to the internet.

DNS: Domain Name Server, The address of the server, it looks like this ###.###.###.### or this, NS1.XXXXXXXX.COM (XXX = a word, and ### = a number)

DOMAIN:Is a unique set of characters used to identify a piece of cyberspace. These characters are called a ‘DOMAIN NAME’, NO TWO CAN BE THE SAME. They look like,etc..( MMM = www)

PARKED DOMAIN:A Domain name that has been registered but hasn’t been HOSTED.

HOSTING: The service that provides a SERVER for a DOMAIN.

So we can see that a DOMAIN can be HOSTED on a SERVER and then files can be added to the ‘DOMAIN’ and this will give you a…..

WEBSITE: All the files hosted on a server and are available on the internet using the unique ‘DOMAIN NAME’

WEBPAGE: Any ONE of the Files (pages) on a WEBSITE they each have an NAME that comes after the DOMAIN NAME. Like this;

URL: The address of any WEBPAGE

HTML: Is the base language from which web pages are made.


Here are two of the most common questions from Newbies. One is technical the other is Marketing related.

How do I make my hyperlink open in a new window and why do I want that to happen?

HERE”S HOW in response to a question I received recently about creating a ‘Download page’

It answers the above questions and gives some other valuable tips.

TIP #1

Hi, I clicked on your XXXXX link and found that it worked fine. However, it loaded the XXXXX page in the same window as yours, so I was taken away from your download page, very inconvenient for someone trying to download.

To fix it do this: Add “target=_blank” into the code after the URL. Make sure you save your original page first and work on a copy, then when your copy is done upload it and test it, then save it as the original on your desk top, then upload the new original to your server. Done!

(In this example I use [ ] instead of V brackets, to make this publishable.)

[a href=””target=”blank”]Click here[/a]

Tip #2

Here’s a friendly way make prospects SAVE YOUR EBOOK full of your links on their computer.

If you don’t do this they might just look at the ebook in their browser and then close it. You will have lost them maybe for ever, but if you made them save it onto their hard drive; you will always get another chance, even if they remove themselves from your mailing list. The links are still in the E book on their computer, and who knows when they might open it again and go click!

HERE’S HOW: Just use this as a guide.

Step Two: “NAME OF THE EBOOK” ‘Right Click Here’ and select ‘Save Target as’ or ‘Save Link as’ (Mozilla) option from the pop-up window to download the eBook. Then Save the eBook to a location on your hard drive where you can easily find it. Make a note of the location that you’ve saved it to so you can easily access it again in the future.

NOTE: Add the “target=_blank” code to the “right click here” link, so that if they just left click and load to their browser at least your download page (with a link back to home) is still on their desk top!


Adding “target=_blank” to all links on a home page will keep the home page on the prospects desk top for as long as possible this will increase the chances of a sign up!

WARNING!!! DON’T use the code to open a new window on links back to your home page this will just annoy people.

Below, is a complete template for a typical download page. I have used ” to indicate the hyperlinks. You should use “target=_blank” on all links except the one that takes them home.


Step One: You will need XXsoftwareXX to read the E-book. If you do not have it installed on your computer, Please ‘CLICK HERE’ to get the software.

Step Two: “NAME OF THE EBOOK” ‘Right Click Here’ and select ‘Save Target as’ or ‘Save Link as’ (Mozilla) option from the pop-up window to download the eBook.

Step Three: Save the eBook to a location on your hard drive where you can find it easily. Make a note of the location where you saved it, so that you can easily access it again in the future.

For More Information ‘Click Here’

Go Back to Internet Golden Web ‘Home Page’

My Philosophy for Successful Living by Jim Rohn – Book Review

Title and Author: My Philosophy for Successful Living by Jim Rohn

Synopsis of Content:

This is a compilation of the essentials from Jim Rohn’s books and talks spanning several decades. It was put together and published by Vic Johnson who also wrote the Forward. Johnson was a student of his work and has become an accomplished author, speaker and motivational expert in his own right.

The content of this little book is pure Jim Rohn. There is nothing new here, and he would have approved. He often said that when it came to the fundamentals there was never anything “new”.

The book covers many of Rohn’s choice stories. They include lessons he learned from his mentor as well as lessons he learned on his own. He celebrates the American Ladder of Success and discusses the unique opportunities available to anyone in America to build wealth.

There are chapters on productivity and performance, building the right personal philosophy for success, working with others, a review of the fundamentals, that is the age old principles of success that Rohn loved to teach, measuring success and ends with his six steps for leading an extraordinary life.

Vic Johnson is a great admirer of Rohn’s simple wisdom. He has cobbled the essentials of all of his work into this one small book. It is an excellent introduction to Jim Rohn’s work and leaves you wanting more. After reading this you will want to listen to his unforgettable talks on CD or read his books in detail. There are not many ways you can learn more about how success works.


Jim Rohn’s success formula is simple though for many it may not be easy. He insists you take full responsibility for your own success and failure. He teaches the value of constant self-improvement. He delivers simple lessons on how financially successful people lead their lives and how unsuccessful people lead their lives. He learned these lessons the hard way, progressing from a poor college dropout to a millionaire who spoke to millions of people worldwide. This book is very useful to anyone serious about self-improvement and building wealth.

Readability/Writing Quality:

This book is well written and easy to follow. It is organized well.

Notes on Author:

Vic Johnson who compiled this book is an internationally known motivational speaker and author. Jim Rohn was an internationally famous motivational speaker and author for over four decades who spoke to millions of people around the world about success, both financial and personal.

Three Great Ideas You Can Use:

1. Continuing your education is vital to financial success. “A formal education gets you a job; but self-education is what makes you rich!”

2. You get rich not by wishing for it but by making yourself better and more valuable in the marketplace.

3. The philosophy that insures poverty: spend your money and invest what is left. The philosophy that makes you rich: invest your money and spend what is left.

Publication Information:

My Philosophy for Successful Living by Jim Rohn

Copyright 2006-2011 by LLC

Published by No Dream Too Big, LLC, Melrose, Florida

Kindle Version